"To understand is to perceive patterns."

- Isaiah Berlin

Your experience of reality is a product of the patterns embedded in your mind. Like deep crevasses, as deep and as powerful as the Grand Canyon, our patterns dictate the flow and the direction of our actions. Yet, we are the only animals on this Planet who can purposefully reshape these patterns, thus reshaping our experiences of reality, and ultimately our own environments. Become the architect of your patterns so that you too can reshape your life to unprecedented success. Book a complimentary presentation at your office, or an individual intro session to get started.

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  • 1. Leadership

    Turn every employee into an outstanding leader. Get your company to operate at a whole new level of performance.

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  • 2. Business

    Aim higher without ever losing sight of the greater vision. Run your business confidently, profitably and with joy.

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  • 3. Money

    Unblock the patterns that hold back the flow to greater abundance. Become wealthy, inside out.

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  • 4. Life

    Get unstuck, thrive and live fully. Be anything you want, create the life of your dreams, right now.

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  • Frances Moore, Associate
    SmithGroup JJR
    Leadership requires courage and confidence.

    Karen’s insights and guidance during a turbulent period of questioning and searching in my professional life were instrumental in my courage to make a major change

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  • Lisa Kong, Senior Associate
    Gensler Los Angeles
    Team Climate Change helps you set your professional and personal priorities.

    Prior to this program, I was having difficulty determining what was important to me. This program helped me reset my priorities and find a new center. 

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  • Chris Hauck
    Regaining confidence in life and business with executive coaching

    I had probably been stuck in a place of fear of change for a very long time. Over the course of six months, Karen helped me confront the things in me that made it hard to move forward, to face them and push myself to do something valuable.  Over the next few months, I am taking my company to new places, to daring and innovative new places still with a little fear, but with a lot more excitement.

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  • Eva Clay, Coach
    Executive coaching helped me achieve success in life and business.

    I enthusiastically recommend Karen!  There are a lot of people who call themselves a “coach”, but Karen is beyond the ordinary. She’s a powerhouse with a sharp mind and a brilliant sense of success.  She’s truly genius and has motivated, inspired, and focused me in a way no other coach ever has. She will see your greatness even if you can’t yet, and works diligently to uncover your star power. Work with her and I guarantee your life will change!

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  • Justin Michael Williams, Founder
    Life coaching is a powerful tool during transitions.

    Karen has singlehandedly ignited some of the most meaningful transformations in my life and the lives of many people I love. Although I’ve done years of personal development work, nothing up to this point even scratched the surface of the work I’ve done with Karen. After working with Karen, my income doubled, I created the business of my dreams, and fell in love with my life all over again. I have recommended Karen to many clients and friends and, without fail, she continues to create tangible transformation time and time again. Thank you Karen for everything you do. You and your work are two of the greatest blessings of my life.

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  • Dottie Lulick
    San Francisco
    Life coaching teaches us to break through the rough waves of life

    I have learned so much about myself from your webinar Getting Unstuck in 6 Weeks.  I was very depressed, hopeless and empty. After the first couple of lessons, I began to notice the opportunities being presented to me and realized that sometimes the death of a friendship or the loss of a job is a gift to help us move forward. I learned to fill what is empty and empty what is full. Thanks to your advice and personal stories, I will continue on this path, confident that I deserve all of the love and happiness coming my way.

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  • Carlos Posada, Principal
    Gensler Los Angeles
    Team Climate Change is a different kind of leadership training.

    Karen has created a structure for this incredible program that is well-rounded and maximizes the potential for learning. Karen challenged my perception and  understanding of self worth, coaching me on developing a better alignment with my vision and goals. I am grateful that I had the chance to spend 3 months focusing on my personal growth which translates into  better leadership skills and ultimately a better more productive, more enriching work environment. I highly recommend Karen’s Team Climate Change Program. The way Karen has compiled the “Best of” certainly brings a  condensed and powerful tool that can have genuine impact. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to improve their team dynamics and relationship with career. 

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  • Tom Sze, Principal
    Gensler Los Angeles
    How we lead affects our personal and professional lives.

    Karen’s leadership program came to me at the perfect time, where I was ready for a tune up with the vision of my life. Karen helped consolidate my thinking and guided it even more positively and strongly towards the future. From this program, we understand that it is essential to look towards a bright future with a single personal vision rather than looking backwards. Her attitude and teachings are not only inspiring but also very infectious that you can’t help but to be looking forward to a happy and productive life.

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  • Steven Upchurch, Principal
    Gensler Los Angeles
    Team Climate Change will help you find your natural self-expression as a leader.

    One of the most meaningful and powerful changes I am experiencing since being in the Team Climate Change program is the freedom to lead others in my own personal way – leadership based on my true values and traits.  This freedom allows me to continue to grow through my experiences, navigating and managing through various conditions in business while always looking a positive outcome.

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  • Jon Gambrill, Principal
    Gensler Denver
    Executive coaching is essential to stepping into high level positions.

    With where I am in my career and with the transition to the role I am now in, Karen’s coaching couldn’t have come at a better time.  I became much more aware of leadership attributes, skills, and strategies that will not only make me better but will allow me to better lead our office.  

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  • Brent Mather, Principal
    Gensler Denver
    Executive coaching is about our whole being, not only work.

    Participating in the program was a tremendous growth opportunity for me. When we began the program, we had the goal of improving how our leadership team worked together. Along these lines, I learned valuable tools for improving my listening skills, giving and receiving feedback, and offering gratitude to others. What I didn’t anticipate was how much I would grow on a personal level. I learned a great deal about myself and gained much needed clarity on my goals and dreams. I feel more confident as a leader and as a person!

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About Karen

When a building is built atop a foundation that lacks integrity, the best structure cannot withstand its own weight. The building will falter, and fail. The same is true of our own lives — it must be built on integrity. Yet, building a life of integrity is not an aim to be ever attained, it is a path, a life’s endless journey. Mine has been one of great wins, and even greater losses, and as with any human experience, filled with patterns, some of great value, and others that that had to be broken. And while I sought to perceive and understand these patterns through dedicated studies of human potential, neuro science, physics, science, architecture, literature, worlds’ religions, philosophy, and yoga, it was life itself that taught me everything I needed to learn. Life’s content is the curriculum of our paths.

As a young adult I began my career path in architecture and engineering, practicing both for 15 years, working in large and small corporations, teaching at great Universities, and finally running a sustainability consulting firm. My quest into the human experience took me to architecture, mechanical and facade engineering, and sustainability, seeking in the built environment the evoking of ecstasy, of life’s greatest expression. Ultimately, my path brought me back to the origin, my ultimate quest, the understanding of the human mind, the mind of the designer and the occupant. Seeking patterns in the design process, and translating these to teach the patterns of the human mind’s construct has been the coming together of two separate worlds in my life. I dedicate my path to the constant and unattainable task of living in full integrity, of giving abundantly, of teaching and learning. The human mind is magnificent. I love getting my clients to feel the ecstasy of knowing that the most beautiful structure ever constructed, resides within them.

We are all architects.

I look forward to your inquiries and comments!


Karen Mozes
Santa Monica, CA 90405

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