On-line Programs & Tools

On Line Programs

On line programs and tools designed to help you take your life and business to next level, at the comfort of your home.

A Printed Three Months Daily Memoir

A 90-day memoir to be used along side any of the on line or live programs, or on its own. Designed to keep you on focused, the memoir includes insightful writings, and dedicated daily practices you can use for 90 days to imprint new and powerful habits.

Receive a printed copy delivered to your house. Find more details and purchase at HERE.

Getting Unstuck in 6 Weeks Online Course (self-paced) 

The Getting Unstuck in 6 Weeks will get you unstuck in a short amount of time while giving you incredible tools to help you build what is next for you. In six weeks you will clear the field to welcome what is new, let go of any shields you have created to protect hidden fears, create a personal vision, pass through any resistance and fear, navigate the three major stages of transitions, and finally live a highly intentional life, with a clear direction and purpose.

Coming soon!

Team Climate Change 12-Week Online Course & Guidebook (self-paced)

Recently Trademarked this leadership training is being offered for the first time as an online course. Over the last few years I have had the pleasure to train hundreds of senior employees and executives in a leadership program I have created, called Team Climate Change. This intensive training is a result of my many years of coaching and leadership experience, and my deep love for the fields of human potential, neuroscience and positive psychology.

Team Climate Change focuses on an individual’s unique Skills, Values and Vision, while integrating Universal Leadership Principles and Qualities.I believe that every single one of us has greater potential for leadership than we are currently aware or able to bring forth. To learn more, please click here.

The Power of Awareness 10 week MP3 teaching (self-paced)

The Power of Awareness, by Neville Goddard is interpreted and used as a guide in this advanced personal transformational program. In ten sessions you will emerge knowing more about yourself and the power that exists within you than ever before. After ten sessions, you will have created new and effective success patterns that will last you a life time.

The Five Money Dimensions On-Line Webinar Course (self-paced)


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